A photo report from the city in the middle of the Amazon
Dazed & Confused Digital Magazine (UK). Dazed Fever Pitch Project. World Cup 2014. 

Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas, 
the city where England lost their opening match 
– Dazed photographer Pedro Bayeux is there
pedro bayeux - manaus - bar4
Manaus, Amazon. Days before "England vs Italy"
pedro bayeux - manaus - flag  pedro bayeux - manaus - streets3  pedro bayeux - manaus - streets5
Dazed is currently all over the world on football's frontline, 
capturing incredible images that showcase the other side 
of the game, and let you see the tournament from a different 
perspective. This photo diary sees us travel to Manaus, 
the suffocatingly humid capital city of the Amazonas and host 
to England's opening game, a painful 2-1 defeat against Italy.
pedro bayeux - manaus - amazon theatre 2
Check out Fever Pitch page for an exclusive look at what's happening 
around this football obssessed world and look here for our favourite 
images from the city in the jungle.


pedro bayeux - manaus - england brazilpedro bayeux - manaus - streets4


pedro bayeux - manaus - bar5 pedro bayeu - manaus - bar pedro bayeux - manaus - costa rica pedro bayeux - manaus - houses pedro bayeux - manaus - opera brazil pedro bayeux - manaus - streets 6

Photos by Pedro Bayeux.
June, 2014.

al jazeeera football capa photo

From remote African villages, where the balls are made from old socks or 
pilfered rubber, to the terraces of top European teams, where the players are 
billionaire brands, via the favelas of Brazil and the casinos of Vietnam, 
this issue travels the globe to explore our sometimes troubled relationship 
with the 'beautiful game' and the business behind it.
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 17.52.32
As football fans from across the world head to Brazil, we meet some of the 
locals who will be hosting them – whether in 5* hotels or Rio’s famed favelas - 
and ask what the World Cup means to them.


Mariana Barbosa de Oliveira is 25 years old and married with a child. 
For the past two years, she has run a souvenir shop in the favela Santa Marta 
with her mother, Maria Elena.

photo 5(1)_MG_5547-1

“Sometimes my husband gets angry with me for making more money than 
he does working in two jobs. But tourism has grown in the favela and I make 
an average of $874 per month,” she says. 

photo 4(1)_MG_5534-1_MG_5423-1_MG_5346-1_MG_5012-1_MG_4980-1_MG_5148-1

Oliveira wants to take advantage of the increase in the number of tourists 
and is willing to rent her own house out during the event. 
She is charging $44 per person per day, but she still hasn’t closed a deal. 

_MG_3893-1 MEET THE HOSTS 12photo 4 mj2photo 3








photo 5 photo 1(1) photo 2 photo 3(1) MEET THE HOSTS rebeca photo 2(2)  MEET THE HOSTS 3MEET THE HOSTS 2 MEET THE HOSTS 4_MG_4980-1 gilson's hostel view 5 gilson_hostel_view_3 favela's resistance favela's resistance 4 favela's resistance 2 _MG_5508-1-2 _MG_5414-1 _MG_5375-1 _MG_5346-1-2 _MG_5172-1 _MG_5161-1 _MG_5158-1_MG_3879-1_MG_3790-1 _MG_5031-1 _MG_4980-1 _MG_5406-1-2 _MG_5403-1-2 _MG_5268-1 pedro bayeux_morro santa marta_rio 2 _MG_5151-1 _MG_5092-1 _MG_3765-1 _MG_3760-1 _MG_3976-1 IMG_3178-1 _MG_3115-1 JUAN _MG_4382-1gilson's hostel view 5 _MG_4364-1 _MG_4360-1 _MG_4019-1-2 _MG_4011-1-2 _MG_3978-1-2 _MG_2719-1 vidigal 2 vidigal 1 MILLE 2 jessica's house 1 JESSIANE'S WINDOW JESSIANE'S VIEW JESSIANE'S VIEW 4 JESSIANE'S VIEW 2 JESSIANE'S RESTAURANT JESSIANE'S HOUSE ALTO VIDIGAL HOSTEL alto vidigal hostel 2 alto vidigal hostel 1 _MG_4760-1 _MG_4569-1-2 _MG_4560-1 _MG_4427-1 _MG_4406-1 GILSON_SON GILSON _MG_5547-1 _MG_5534-1 _MG_5423-1 _MG_5346-1 _MG_5148-1 _MG_5109-1 _MG_5012-1

Dazed photographer Pedro Bayeux goes into the heart of the jungle 
and finds out the love of the game runs deep

dazed_site_tribal 1

Dazed & Confused Digital Magazine. 
World Cup 2014. 
Dazed Fever Pitch Project. 
Manaus, Amazon, Brazil. 
Week of the match Brazil vs Mexico.

pedro bayeux tribe "silvio santos", the monkey

pedro bayeux tribe girl monkey pedro bayeux tribe 5

pedro bayeux tribe game 38

In case you hadn't noticed from the explosion of replica shirts, 
late-night pubs and television channels dominated by constant football – 
it's the World Cup right now. And that means people across the globe are 
tuning in, even in the jungle. Our photographers are all over the world 
on football's frontline for our Fever Pitch project, documenting the obsession 
and the passion that surrounds this tournament.

pedro bayeux tribe the chief pedro bayeux tribe boy 6

Dazed photographer Pedro Bayeux embarked on a journey an hour out 
of Manaus to spend some time with the Tatuyos, a tribe who live deep in 
the Amazon rainforest:

pedro bayeux tribe game 30

"We left Manaus on game day on a fisherman's boat that took us down 
the Amazon. It was a beautifully sunny day and all along the river 
the houseboats were decorated with Brazilian flags, with incredible 
nature all around me. 
The Tatuyos are a tribe that live on the left bank of the Rio Negro, 
otherwise known as the Black River. It took about an hour to get 
to their settlement from the port in Manaus.

pedro bayeux way to the tribe 3 pedro bayeux in this season all the beaches disappear - here the trees is almost gone

pedro bayeux - way to the tribe pedro bayeux gas station in the midle of nowhere pedro bayeux - port

pedro bayeux tribe game 25

On arriving, the chief Pinó Kaçique became my host – him and his tribe 
performed a series of dances to make me feel welcome. 
The tribe are traditionally patriarchal – the men hunt snakes and crocodiles 
to eat and the women cook the catches inside their houses made by trees 
that they've felled themselves. What's strange about the tribe is that 
they are a mixture of a lot of different ethnicities – while most tribes only 
marry someone from their own tribe, the Tatuyos are encouraged 
to marry from outside.

pedro bayeux tribe girl pedro bayeux tribe girl 5

Ten minutes before the game, they started a generator to power a single 
television in their village and passed round snacks while they watched – 
huge fried ants! All of them were so anxious to see the game and you could 
           see the tension in their eyes as kick off time approached. One member 
of the tribe said to me during the match: 'I am very moved by the World Cup, 
it's very near here in Manaus, Amazonas. We're used to seeing it in 
other countries, but now there is a lot of emotion that we can feel.'

pedro bayeux tribe snacks 2 pedro bayeux tribe ants as snacks during the game

Throughout the game they played instruments if they became nervous 
at what was happening on the screen. Afterwards they went outside 
to play their own match – men and women all played together, 
with a child as referee! It was beautiful."

pedro bayeux tribe play 17

pedro bayeux tribe boy pedro bayeux tribe man pedro bayeux tribe boy 5pedro bayeux tribe boy 3
pedro bayeux tribe art 7 pedro bayeux tribe   pedro bayeux tribe play  pedro bayeux tribe play 2  pedro bayeux tribe game 6 pedro bayeux tribe 10 pedro bayeux tribe 7 pedro bayeux tribe tv  pedro bayeux tribe game 22 pedro bayeux tribe boy 2 pedro bayeux tribe run2 pedro bayeux tribe run pedro bayeux tribe 23 pedro bayeux tribe game 27 pedro bayeux tribe game 4 pedro bayeux tribe game 33 pedro bayeux tribe art 6 pedro bayeux tribe game 3 pedro bayeux tribe girl and her monkey "silvio santos"pedro bayeux tribe game 5 pedro bayeux tribe game 9 pedro bayeux tribe game 29 pedro bayeux tribe game 10 pedro bayeux tribe game 7 pedro bayeux tribe game playing instruments during the match 2 pedro bayeux tribe game 12 pedro bayeux tribe boy 4 pedro bayeux tribe game 13 pedro bayeux tribe game playing instruments during the match pedro bayeux tribe art 9 pedro bayeux tribe art 8 pedro bayeux tribe man 3 pedro bayeux tribe 6 pedro bayeux tribe game 2  pedro bayeux tribe game



(english subtitles soon)

Realização: Edital do Instituto Pólis / Petrobras + pedrobayeux.com.

“… A partir da discussão de como agregar valor social e cultural aos programas turísticos tradicionais e também para fomentar o turismo com base comunitária, através da formação de redes, de modo que as comunidades, como indígenas, quilombolas ou caiçaras, protagonizem a oferta de produtos turísticos…”

Concepção: Felipe Fonseca, Maira Begalli, Pedro Bayeux.
Direção, edição, cinegrafista: Pedro Bayeux.
Cinegrafistas: Marco Estrella, Erik Nagamine.
Som: Ladislau Kardos, Erik Nagamine.
Trilha original: Renato Cortez.

photo 2(4) photo 3(3) photo 4(4) photo 5(3) photo 1(4) photo 2(5) photo 3(4) photo 4(5) photo 5(4) photo 1(5) photo 2(6) photo 3(5) photo 4(6) photo 1(6) photo 2(7) photo 3(6) photo 4(7) photo 5(5) photo 1(7) photo 2(8) photo 3(7) photo 4(8) photo 1(8) photo 2(9) photo 3(8) photo 1(9) pedrobayeux photo 3(9) photo 4(9) photo 5(6)

Street Art II – Alex Senna, Enivo, Paulo Ito, Opni, São Paulo. Documentary, photos. 2013/4.

IMG_3150slide b alex0


January, 2014.

IMG_3378  IMG_3363

From former chicken coops to disused train carriages and homeless shelters, 
we meet some of those who make their homes on the margins of society.


São Paulo.
Vila Flávia, São Mateus Neighborhood.
Words and photos by Pedro Bayeux.


Vila Flavia, in Sao Paulo, is virtually invisible. Search for it on Google Maps 
and you will find an avenue without houses or the small, dirty river that runs 
through it. But, in reality, it is home to around 3.000 people.
Residents began moving in in 1967 and now they are trying to establish 
Vila Flavia's reputation as a "slum with art". each of its streets bear 
the mark of different artists.


  IMG_3162  IMG_3682 IMG_4413_2 IMG_4381_2 IMG_4369 IMG_4366_2 IMG_4351 IMG_4350 IMG_4324 IMG_4316 IMG_4312

IMG_3768 IMG_4306 IMG_4301 IMG_4252 IMG_4224 IMG_4222 IMG_4219 IMG_4157 IMG_4128_2 IMG_4082 IMG_4080 IMG_4061 IMG_4046 IMG_4043 IMG_4036 IMG_4035 IMG_3990 IMG_3979 IMG_3970 IMG_3966 IMG_3963 IMG_3956 IMG_3951 IMG_3948 IMG_3945_2 IMG_3943 IMG_3941 IMG_3937 IMG_3933 IMG_3931_2 IMG_3927 IMG_3922_2 IMG_3920 IMG_3912 IMG_3905 IMG_3876 IMG_3826 IMG_3800 IMG_3728_2 IMG_3726 IMG_3690slide sao mat


Street Art I – London.Documentary in process. With Alex Senna, Cranio, Magrela, Martin Ron, Mr Sixonesix, Pigment, Fun Factory Art Project Space. 2013.


.Documentary in process. With Alex Senna, Cranio, Magrela, Martin Ron, Mr Sixonesix, Pigment, Fun Factory Art Project Space. 2013.


IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397IMG_0384 IMG_0380 IMG_0014


Rec-Beat 2013Documentary about the 19th edition of the music festival, realized during the brazilian carnival in Recife, Pernambuco. 2013. / Documentário sobre a edição de 2013 do festival realizado há 19 anos durante o carnaval do Recife, em Pernambuco.

RECBEAT 2013 TEASER from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

REC-BEAT 2013: DOCUMENTÁRIO. from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

Dazed & Confused Digital Magazine, UK
Video, photos and text about the protests in Brazil. July, 2013.

São Paulo 26.07.13 from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

18.06 São Paulo. Medo e delírio na vizinhança. Fear and Loathing in the neighbourhood. from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

17.06 São Paulo from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

13.06.13 São Paulo from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.


My name is Pedro Bayeux, a journalist and filmmaker living in São Paulo since I was 3 days old.

When you wake up and see the headline of the biggest newspaper from São Paulo announcing that the police needs to be tougher with “vandalism” – and the editorial in the same newspaper calls for urgent use of force “to put an end to it”, you feel a need to go to the streets and see through your own camera what’s really happening. To be honest, I was in doubt if I should take my equipment just to make a documentary about the situation or to use it as a weapon against police violence.

I live one block away from Paulista Avenue, the cliché of the “economic heart of the country”. The last protest ended almost in front of my door, with rumours of “chaos”. So, on Thursday night, one hour after the beginning of the fourth act against the bus fare, I took my way downtown, the meeting point of the manifestation. The latest news about the scenario was surreal: police was arresting people and journalists carrying vinegar. Sounded more like a script from “Monty Python” that started in the city; or Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil, the movie”, who knows.

On every street corner, bars were full of curious people watching TVs, the noise from the helicopters was the loud soundtrack and, when I was almost there, the first tear gas bombs were the hosts. After that, the night became the simulacrum of a game. My avatar’s mission: to shoot videos and think of a plan for how to get home, while trying to understand what was going on. All the streets were closed. It was a smog labyrinth.

I tried to turn left, to Augusta Street, a cultural/bohemian street: barricades of fire spread while bombs were coming from both sides. People running. Guy Fawkes masks. Drivers frightened inside cars. Rubber bullets being shot with no discernment. It was like Oxford Street being attacked by Military Police under acid effects, led by Dr. Strangelove. A photographer was blinded with a shot that night. That was a turning point day.

The feedback was ironic: with several journalists and non-activists injured, mass media started changing their speeches. The complexity showed, in a Brazilian context, what Luther Blisset called Psychic War. Political and police abuse became more popular than Neymar. Four days later, more than 100,000 people were marching all over the city. A mix of desires this time and more conflict, now in front of the government palace. Fire, teargas, flowers, Brazilian flags. It could be the plot of “The Warriors”: “in a future, dystopian São Paulo, turf gangs and cops rule the streets”.

Protests spread throughout the country, not only against the bus fare, but against FIFA, corruption, property speculation, for better education, health, transport, from focused to generic claims. Left and right-wings, “no-wings”, students, anarco’s, bizarre Nazi’s, posh people, handlers, social movements, families, lions, hyenas, clowns – they took over the streets. A circus, a carnival of dissatisfaction. Not only against the government, as some want to stigmatize, but against an entire reasoning. The conservatives still try to manipulate and a kind of pos-media appears to be an option. The middle class felt the police abuse that poor people have been feeling for a long time here. Hard to understand the anthropology behind, but with one conclusion: after these days, everyone dropped their masks.

sao paulo 47b sao paulo 49b sao paulo 37 sao paulo 06 sao paulo 03 sao paulo 43 sao paulo 04 sao paulo 57 sao paulo 48 sao paulo 18 sao paulo 55 sao paulo 21 6 5 6 sao paulo 08 sao paulo 09 Sequence 01_59 Sequence 01_65 Sequence 01_64 2 3 sao paulo 40 sao paulo 07 sao paulo 24 sao paulo 41b sao paulo 01 sao paulo 44 sao paulo 22 sao paulo 49 sao paulo 17 sao paulo 51 Sequence 01_88 Sequence 01_10 Sequence 01_117 Sequence 01_128 Sequence 01_127 Sequence 01_123 Sequence 01_122 Sequence 01_147 Sequence 01_154 Sequence 01_176 Sequence 01_19 Sequence 01_23 Sequence 01_38 capa ok dazed i Sequence 01_37 slide capa 1 Sequence 01_46 Sequence 01_5 Sequence 01_54 Sequence 01_77 Sequence 01_80 Sequence 01_89 Sequence 01_9 Sequence 01_96 Sequence 01_88 Sequence 01_72 Sequence 01_6 Sequence 01_190 slide dazed sao paulo 26 police Sequencevvvvvvv Sequence 01x Sequence 01_216 Sequence 01_215 Sequence 01_214 Sequence 01_213 Sequence 01_212 Sequence 01_211 Sequence 01_210 Sequence 01_209 Sequence 01_208 Sequence 01_207 Sequence 01_206 Sequence 01_205 Sequence 01_204 Sequence 01_203 Sequence 01_202 Sequence 01_201 Sequence 01_200 Sequence 01_199 Sequence 01_198 Sequence 01_197 Sequence 01_196 Sequence 01_195 Sequence 01_194 Sequence 01_193 Sequence 01_192 Sequence 01_191 Sequence 01_190 Sequence 01_189 Sequence 01_188 Sequence 01_187 Sequence 01_186 Sequence 01_185 Sequence 01_184 Sequence 01_183 Sequence 01_182 Sequence 01_181 Sequence 01_180 Sequence 01_179 Sequence 01_178 Sequence 01_176 Sequence 01_173 Sequence 01_154 Sequence 01_147 Sequence 01_128 Sequence 01_127 Sequence 01_123 Sequence 01_122 Sequence 01_117 Sequence 01_96 Sequence 01_89 Sequence 01_88 Sequence 01_80 Sequence 01_77 Sequence 01_72 Sequence 01_62 Sequence 01_61 Sequence 01_54 Sequence 01_46 Sequence 01_42 Sequence 01_38 Sequence 01_37 Sequence 01_23 Sequence 01_19 Sequence 01_10 Sequence 01_9 Sequence 01_6 Sequence 01_5 IMG_6541 IMG_6539 IMG_6525 IMG_6346 _MG_6434 _MG_6432 _MG_6428 _MG_6402 _MG_6394 _MG_6382 _MG_6378 _MG_6377 _MG_6374


“Bomba do Hemetério”Videoart about a Ritual involving music and possession. Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. 2012

Bomba do Hemetério from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.



Pankararus Photos and video. 2012.

Pankararu from Pedro Bayeux on Vimeo.

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