Fever Pitch – this month we’re all over the world
Experience the other side of the game with Dazed’s photojournalists on football’s frontlines

Tomorrow the world comes alive, when the largest sporting event in history kicks off in Brazil. Over the next four weeks an eclectic squad of Dazed photojournalists will be focused entirely on documenting the other side of the game – shooting the passionate outsiders who live and breathe football, the lovers who would do anything for their sport. Our team will be roaming around Rio, São Paulo, Paris, Rome and London finding the untold stories and getting inside the hearts of communities consumed by football fever.

Whether it be fans descending on the opera house of Manaus, the Korean villages of London erupting with joy or kids emulating their idols in the Parisian suburbs, we will be there looking deep inside the hearts of the devoted fans who create the weird and wonderful culture that surrounds the game.

Check Dazed Digital for our daily photo feed from each city and #dazedfeverpitch on Instagram to see the world’s greatest spectacle from an entirely different perspective.
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A 21st century portrait of global football fandom.
Fever Pitch was a curated online photography project bringing to life the personality and community behind the Beautiful Game.

Commissioned by Nike to celebrate the frontline of underground football culture during the 2014 World Cup, Fever Pitch told the real story of global fandom through a reactive daily photographic series and supporting editorial content.

At the heart of the project was a curated daily feed of original photography shot around live matches, uploaded in real time by Dazed’s favourite photojournalists. Stories focused on passionate football fans, subcultures and communities in some of the world’s most dynamic cities, with Nike FC product authentically integrated.

Over the course of the tournament month, 500+ images were curated and uploaded to a bespoke hub on dazeddigital.com and Nike’s Instagram feed from London, Rio, Rome, Paris and Sao Paulo.

The impact of this unique digital campaign lasted long after the tournament ended, with Fever Pitch being adapted into a four-week photography exhibition in Rio after the World Cup ended, and then published as a special edition book that Nike distributed in 2015.

— http://www.dazedmedia.com/case-study/nike-fever-pitch/
This month Dazed photojournalists will be in five cities capturing the passion of football obsessives. Check back daily for unpredictable images of people that make the game so beautiful.

The Other Side of the Game
Don’t just play football, live it

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